5 Tips to Reduce Absenteeism in an Organization

Every organization faces an issue of employee absenteeism which drastically affects the probability of the organization. When an employee takes leaves his job has to be assigned to another employee or maybe the project has to be frozen. Employee absences carry a heavy cost for employers.

Many employers do not measure the large cost associate with employee absenteeism. Every HR manager, entrepreneurs and executives need to understand how to manage absenteeism. Here are 5 tips on how to reduce employee’s absenteeism so that the profit of the organization is not hampered.

Strengthen the Recruitment and Verification Process

While recruiting your staff keep a list of questions ready that will give you an idea about how dedicated the candidate is towards the organization. Know whether his social skills and values match the required role because most absenteeism is caused because of work stress. Let the line manager or team lead also take a round of interview to see how well the candidate will fit into his team. After the recruitment process, verify with the employees past company what was their rate of absenteeism. This will give you an idea on how dedicated and loyal will they be to your company.

Have a discussion with employees who is frequently absent

The organization wants its employees to be honest about their absenteeism as it shows disinterest. To avoid this obstacle, Take the employee into confidence and question them about their absenteeism. Ask them questions related to personal, professional and interest which is related to their work. Know whether they enjoy doing the job or whether the work pressure is a lot. Sometimes an employee’s personal life could affect their performance at work too. Knowing the reason behind their absenteeism can eliminate the chances of absenteeism.

Work friendly environment

It is very important for all organizations to create a work friendly environment for all employees. All the employees should feel comfortable at work and enjoy working. The work environment should have pressure but in a positive or indirect way. Also there should be celebrations and different events in the order to keep all employees happy. There should be team bonding activities which help employees to know each other better. Also this will interest employees and the rate of absenteeism will reduce.

Assignment of different task

Sometimes it gets very boring and stressful for the employee to keep doing the same routine job. Employees look forward to change in the assigned task or a switch to another role. Just like the quote, “Variety is the spice to life”. Employers must keep adding new roles and responsibilities to employees to keep them on the go. It is interesting to the employees as they get to do new task and will keep them motivated enough to deliver results. Employees will be more punctual and will enjoy coming to work because of the new task.

Give out rewards for consistent attendance

Rewards play an important role towards employee management. Employees are motivated and will do the task well when they know they will be rewarded for a task. Similarly, to avoid absenteeism of employee’s rewards for best attendance should be given by organizations. Rewarding your employees is an ideal way to show them that you care about the dedication they show for their work and to your company. This is a great way to eliminate absenteeism from your organization.