New Feature Update : Expense Management Module

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How often have you had an employee come to you for business travel reimbursements with a rounded off amount and no bills to show for? Wouldn’t you want an HR platform that lets you manage business expense claims and reimbursements while also enforcing company policies?

As an intuitive HR & Payroll Software, we sense the need of CEOs and HR Managers around the country for a platform that takes care of all business functions and promotes transparency in all aspects of employee management including expense management and reimbursements.

Hence we have a newly released feature which is our Expense Management Module to help out with mundane but very important activities of managing business expenses and reimbursements.

How does the Quikchex Expense Management Module work?

1 .Employees can apply and view their expense claims from the ESS portal

The Quikchex Employee Self Service portal already gives employees access to their leave and attendance records as well as their investment declarations. With the newly released expense management module, employees can now manage and apply for new expense claims and view the status of these claims from their ESS portal. This helps them manage their claims at their own convenience and reduce dependency on the HR/ Admin team.

Employees on a business trip can now file multiple expenses incurred during the entire trip in a single expense report.

2. Accurately report expenses complete with soft copies of receipts

With the expense management feature you can easily view all details of the expenses such as receipts and bills for a more transparent business process. With an easy upload feature, your employees can upload the copies of their receipts while filing an expense claim

3. Enforce company policies, approval limits and other business rules easily

With easy customizable options you can enforce company policies accordingly with multiple approvers and other rules and regulations for which you want your employees to adhere to. The Admin and HR team can set expense categories such as fuel, time and travel.  The Admin teams also have the ability to define rates to categories of fuel, distance or time.  Limitations can also be set on how many claims can be issued monthly, weekly or daily by an employee.

You also have an option to enable submissions of claims with violations if you are open to exceptions (although Quikchex ensures that a notification is sent to employees alerting them of the violations of the claim).

Hence, the easy customizable options make for the expense management module to be flexible enough for all organizations to use and rigid enough to ensure a transparent business process.

 4Apply, Approve and Reject all within a single click

The Quikchex Expense Management feature lets you apply multiple expenses or single expenses as well as approve and reject expense reports of all subordinates within a click of a button.

5An easy option for expenses that you wish to bill to your own clients

The Expense Management module also has a billable option apart from the reimbursable option. A billable expense is an expense that you have incurred over a client visit for which you can bill the client for. For example: – if your client reimburses you for travel expenses, then you can record your travel expense as a billable expense.

With the billable expense option you can now file claims for the expenses billable to a client through the expense management module.

6. Process multiple expense at once

After approvals have been made for expense claims, the Accounts team can view all expense reports, put remarks as well as process these claims directly from the expense management module. With the bulk selection option, multiple claims can be processed simultaneously and the status changes to reimbursed.

Schedule a demo today to know more on how you can implement the Quikchex Expense Management module for a more transparent business processes.


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