How to Overcome the Most Common Problems in Recruitment

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Working with some of the Top HR Heads in the country, we at Quikchex understand that there is a raging war for great talent among recruiters. We do understand that recruitment is one of the main concerns for companies especially start-ups and SMBs. Attaining and retaining top talent for start-ups and SMBs is one of the most challenging aspects of recruitment today.

Here are the 3 of the most common recruitment problems we knew you face and here’s how you can get over them.

  • Problem #1 – The best candidates already have multiple offers on the table

The big problem of the new-age recruitment industry is that you are losing the best talent to someone else. It’s because the best candidates already have multiple opportunities on the table. It’s always easy for candidates to re-consider your company just on the basis of the interview. Top talent look at the interviewing process as also a way to getting to know the company, the job role as well as their prospective manager. If your company’s interviewing style is interrogative instead of conversational, it could cost you another great candidate.


Make the interview a great experience for the candidates. A great interview experience for the interviewee is to be transparent about the job role and requirements and answering all their questions relating to the business.  A great interview experience can be achieved by maintaining a conversation with the candidate rather than interrogating him/her.

Another way to truly make the candidate have a good experience is to get them to meet their prospective managers. Like the saying goes – “People leave managers, not companies”. Chances are if your interviewee really gets along with their prospective managers and builds a healthy work-relationship with them, your company may get the winning vote.

  • Problem #2 – You are always chasing great talent instead of the best talent coming to you

There is already a shortage of top talent. With that being said there are a million other recruiters just like you looking for the same candidate. How are you going to stand out?


Employer branding is more important than ever. You won’t be making a difference through cold-calling or cold –emails. Recruitment marketing is creating a buzz in the industry for all the right reasons. Recruitment marketing is using strategies to attract and engage talent before they apply for the job. Building an employer brand through social media could also be influential to stand out among the crowd.

Another awesome way cutting through the noise of other recruiters is building a great employee referral program. Word of mouth advertising works best of top brands and why shouldn’t it work for the recruiting industry. The best way to attract great talent is to make your employees the mouthpieces of your company and ask them to refer the best candidate.

  • Problem #3 – Your best candidates are backing out at the last minute

Candidates backing out of an offer at the last minute are a true nuisance to employers and bigger problem to recruiter. It adds a workload to the HR department and usually results in higher hiring costs. More often, the position that remains vacant is an added liability. The most common reasons for candidates backing out are that they have gotten a better offer from another company or they are not as excited about the job role and the company.


The solution to dealing with candidates backing out at the last minute lies in understanding truly want top talent want. If you are SME or a Start-up there is a chance that you are fighting over candidates with big corporate organizations. Selling the vision of the company and showing how candidates can be part of a growth story can urge top talent to jump on-board with your without any hesitation. You can also read more about how you can to prevent candidates from backing out.