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Introducing Quikchex Help Center



In case you have any queries or need  help with the Quikchex portal explore our Quikchex Help Center to solve your Quikchex Portal related queries immediately. 

Steps to access Help Center:

  1. Login to your Quikchex Portal.
  2. Click on your name towards the right on the top.
  3. In the drop down, click on Help Center

Note: You can also access the help center directly by clicking on the Question Mark symbol towards the bottom right. Type in the keyword (eg. Payslip, Attendance, Leave)and hit enter

After hitting enter, click on the article you wish to view, in case you want to view the article in a new window, click on the right corner arrow link.

In case you have further queries you can submit a ticket. Our Support Representatives would get in touch with you within 48 working hours.

Steps to Submit a Ticket:

1.      Login to your Quikchex Portal.

2.      Click on your name towards the right on the top.

3.      In the drop down, click on Submit a ticket.

Note: Please make sure you go through the Help Center before you Submit a Ticket.