Comprehensive Attendance Management System that integrates with your Payroll and Leave

One-Stop Attendance Tracker that captures and processes data from your biometric devices to our GPS based mobile app

Attendance Management System India
Attendance Mobile App Software

Mobile App Based GPS + Selfie
Attendance Tracker

Track employees’ location from anywhere in the world, through our integration with Google Maps

Geo-fencing, IMEI and IP Security Restrictions

Prevent mispunch and misuse through geo-fencing, unique IMEI and unique IP restrictions

Attendance Mobile App Software with GPS
Attendance Management System with biometric machine integration

Biometric Integration +
Web Time Clock

Capture attendance through integration with any biometric machine or alternatively capture attendance through our IP-restricted web-based time clock

Seamless Regularization Workflows

Enable employees to easily regularize their attendance in cased of valid missed check-ins through our mobile and web apps

Attendance Regularization Software
Attendance Shift Roster Software

Create Custom Shift Roster
Schedules & Policies

Easily create & assign different shifts and policies for different employees, departments or grades in our attendance management system

Automatic Calculation of Leave Without Pay Days

Our Attendance Management System will automatically calculate deductions to be done on account of absences, insufficient hours or late mark deductions, and seamlessly sync with the payroll process

Attendance Management System to calculate Loss of Pay Days