ESIC contribution rate revised wef 1st July 2019

ESIC Contribution Rate

The government has now cut down the rate of contribution under Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC Act) from 6.5% to 4%. The notification for same is attached for your reference.

The new rate will be effective from 1st July’2019 onwards. The new rate for employer contribution will be 3.25% and for employee contribution it will be 0.75%. This new rate will be applicable from July 2019 salary process for which the returns filing due date is 15th August’2019.

The ESIC act provides medical, cash, maternity, disability and dependent benefits to the Insured Persons. The ESIC Act is administered by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). Benefits provided under the ESI Act are funded by the contributions made by the employers and the employees.

Contribution Type Old Rate New Rate
(wef 1st July’ 2019)
Employer Contribution 4.75% 3.25%
Employee Contribution 1.75% 0.75%
Total 6.50% 4.00%

Note: This new rate is updated in Quikchex wef 01-07-2019,  and same will be reflected onwards when the payroll for July’ 2019 payroll is processed.