Tips on How to Deal with Workplace Stress Positively

Dealing with workplace stress can be very pressurizing which gradually leads to demotivation. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to handle such stress. Some deal with it in a positive way while other may just give up. Though many people love their job, at some point of time they too might feel the work pressure and stress out. 

It is not that when an employee heads home from work his stress is over. In fact, when stress persists, it majorly affects the health and well-being of an employee. Unfortunately, work stress can affect the physical as well as the mental health of an employee. The consequences of work related stress can range from normal headaches to major disease like heart related disease. Also there is no option to find a low stress job because stress is going to follow wherever you go.

Here are 5 reasons how to deal with workplace stress positively:

Change the way you think about stress – Instead of thinking of stress as a demotivator change it to workplace stress being a motivator. Things happen the way we think about it. Everything is in the head. If we think of stress as a killer we need to re-think on it and boost our self to fight against it. As we run to work in the morning after getting ready and doing a few house chores it is important that we look after ourselves too. Having a good balanced diet and taking care of our health Is key. It is just how we think and react about stress. If we don’t react to stress it makes it easy for us to overcome it. Choosing a different mindset about stress, can make you switch from paralysis to action.

Be clear about what is expected of you – Another major reason for stress is that you are unclear about what is expected of you at your workplace. It gets difficult to overcome the work pressure when you are not able to deliver what is required of you. This pressure can cause you physical and mental illness in the long run. You should ask for a clear Job description of your role and also ask an elaboration of the responsibilities you are to handle in the organization. This will reduce your stress more that 50% because you will know what you have to deliver.

Do not agree or commit on unachievable deadlines – Deadlines are one of the most common reasons for pressure. Before committing on a deadline make sure it is achievable and paced out. Saying yes to an unachievable deadline will definitely bring a lot of pressure and will have negative consequences on an employee. Some employees may agree to a deadline because of the fear of the reporting manager. This will cause demotivation and will have an ill impact on the work of the employee as well as the employee.
Communicate any difficulties to your reporting manager – If any employee is facing any difficulties to work related stress they should immediately communicate the same to their reporting managers. Whether it be pressure in terms of Low salary, too many multiple task, any internal team disputes, any office conflicts or any other reason that hampers the mental peace of an employee must be communicated well. Also, managers should read between the lines to know why an employee might not be performing and is not able to communicate the same to them. This will eliminate all the gaps to less work pressure.
Take short breathers every hour – It is important to take small breathers or small breaks while doing long sessions at work. You should stretch in between work to release your body stress. Also, blink as many times you can if you are working on a laptop or PC to reduce the stress of the eyes. Working for long hours will affect your health in many ways so take many short breather breaks in between.