Top 10 Best Leave Management Software in India

In this modern era, leave management software is an essential factor that helps maintain a proper balance between employees’ personal lives and work commitments. Traditional ways of managing leave such as manual paper-based systems or spreadsheets often lead to many inefficiencies and errors. However, when conventional ways of managing leave fail, leave management software is capable of increasing productivity and improving employee satisfaction.

But with so many options available in the market currently which is the best leave management software for you? Let us first see the importance of leave management software before we go through the list of the best leave management software in India.

What is Leave Management software?

Leave management software is a tool that can configure any complex leave policy in minutes and has the ability to have different policies for different employees. The tool also automates the calculation of leave accruals, deductions, and adjustments to give employees and managers visibility into their leave balances. To avoid all problems related to human cost management, implementing leave management software is essential.


Importance of Leave management software

Leave management software has emerged as a critical tool in streamlining and optimizing the process of managing employee leave within organizations. A number of advantages provided by this technology improve the speed, accuracy, and transparency of processing leave requests and approvals. First of all, leave management software streamlines the procedure by automating it, doing away with the need for paper forms, and lowering administrative costs. Employees can electronically submit their leave requests for managers to examine and approve, which saves time and lowers the risk of human mistakes that might occur with manual data entry


Managers get access to a thorough picture of their team’s leave status, which helps with improved workforce planning and assignment distribution to minimize interruptions during absences. In summary, leave management software equips businesses with the tools they need to effectively manage the time-off requirements of their workers, boost productivity, and foster a positive work environment.



Watch out for these specifics before opting for the best leave management software

Ease of Use:

● Intuitive interface: The software should be user-friendly and easy for both employees and administrators to navigate.

● Simple leave request process: Employees should be able to easily submit and track their leave requests, while managers should have a straightforward approval process.



● Configurability: The software should allow you to customize leave types, policies, and approval workflows to align with your organization’s unique requirements.

● Flexible policies: It should support various types of leaves, such as vacation, sick days, personal days, and more.



● Compatibility: Ensure the software can seamlessly integrate with your existing HR or payroll systems to avoid duplication of efforts and data discrepancies.

● Calendar integration: Syncing leave data with popular calendar applications can help employees manage their schedules better.



● Mobile compatibility: The software should have a mobile app or a responsive web design, enabling employees to request and manage leaves from their smartphones or tablets.



● Automated calculations: The software should accurately calculate leave balances, accruals, and entitlements based on your organization’s policies.

● Auto-approval: It should support auto-approval for certain types of leaves, streamlining the process and reducing administrative load.


Reporting and Analytics:

● Comprehensive reports: Look for software that generates detailed reports on leave balances, usage trends, and other relevant metrics.

● Insights: Analytics features can provide valuable insights into employee attendance patterns and help in workforce planning.


Security and Compliance:

● Data security: Ensure the software offers robust data encryption and protection to safeguard sensitive employee information.

● Compliance: Verify that the software supports labor laws and regulations specific to your region.


Notifications and Reminders:

● Alerts: The software should send notifications to employees and managers about pending requests, approvals, and upcoming leaves.

● Reminders: Automated reminders can help employees avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure timely leave requests.

Best leave management software in India


Quikchex has a reliable leave management system to accurately track your employees’ time off which makes it easy for employees to apply for leave and for supervisors to approve leave applications. You can easily create company-wide and regional holidays and assign them to relevant employees—reward employees who have worked overtime or on holidays with a comp-off. Quikchex also offers end-to-end HRMS software which makes it easier for companies to get all-in-one software along with a leave management system.



1. Ability to configure any complex leave policy while having different policies for different employees.

2. Offers one-stop HRMS along with leave management.

3. Affordable pricing.



1. Might not be suitable for a 20,000+ employee organization.

2. Limited global presence.



Keka offers customizable rules to fit your workplace culture and global business objectives as well as policies for any scenario and area. The online leave management solution from Keka gives your staff a strong sense of control over each feature. Keka HR makes even the most complex calculations simple for you, allowing you to relax. For all of your employees, just establish your rules, and the system will handle the rest.



1. Keka HR simplifies and automates the leave request and approval workflow, reducing administrative overhead.

2. Ability to handle various types of leave, such as vacation, sick days, and unpaid leave, making it versatile for different organizational needs.



1. Pricing is high for small businesses

2. The learning curve is steep and it might take time for both HR personnel and employees.




GreytHR offers over 50 customizable criteria to make the process easier for businesses with different offices. Additionally, they provide automated leave management through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) interface from GreytHR. Employees can take care of their own leave management, reducing the need for leave-related questions. There are many leave programs and policies that are designed for specific employee categories.



1.50+ leave rules are provided for each type of leave in the greytHR leave management software.

2. Suitable for smaller companies.



1. Limited features in the free plan

2. Global processing of payroll is not possible.


4)Zoho People

Zoho People streamlines your leave approval process. Additionally, you may make and share holiday lists based on factors like location and time zone. According to the time-off policy of your company, the Leave Tracker management software automatically calculates leave lapses, carry-forwards, and encashments for employees. With dedicated reports, it tracks your team’s leave information and history of vacation days.



1. User Friendly and credibility that Zoho as a brand holds.

2. Ease of integration with various Zoho Products



1. Customer support can be improved.

2. Not as customizable for medium-sized businesses



Spine Technologies’ leave management includes features such as dashboards which are informative charts for monthly and yearly comparison, a leave planner, leave rules, comp off and outdoor duty, leave based reports that summarize information with analytics and are available at the users’ fingertips, and leave encashment or adjustment, in which employees can apply for leave encashment for the lapsable leaves and rectify which are incorrectly debited or credited.



1. There are numerous features and options for customization.

2. Scalable for large-size businesses



1. Not recommended for small-sized organizations as modern businesses would have a hard time adjusting to it.

2. Complex UI which requires a steep learning curve for new users


6)HR Mantra

HRMantra offers comprehensive leave management software that streamlines and automates the entire leave process. Employees may quickly seek leaves, managers can easily grant them, and HR staff can easily monitor and keep track of leave balances thanks to it. HRMantra’s solution improves transparency and lessens administrative load thanks to user-friendly interfaces and real-time notifications. It is a dependable option for effective leave management due to its capabilities, which include customizable leave regulations, calendar integration, and analytical reporting.



1. HR Mantra offers globally accepted leave modules.

2. Offers Strong security policies to protect personal data.



1. Mobile app needs improvement

2. Certain features can be expensive for small and mid-sized organizations.



Zimyo provides comprehensive leave management software that automates time-off requests, approvals, and tracking for employees. The technology automates leave accruals, interfaces with calendars, and gives real-time information about leave balances. Zimyo simplifies the entire leave management process with user-friendly UI and mobile accessibility. Its powerful analytics and reporting capabilities improve HR decision-making and workforce planning. Zimyo ensures effective leave management, which increases company efficiency and employee happiness.



1. Highly configurable and user friendly.

2. Affordable for small and mid-sized businesses.



1. Reviewing reports of the overall leave and attendance can be difficult.

2. Minor bugs in the application that can be improved.


8)Farsight HR

Farsight’s self-service cloud-based time off and leave management solution is an efficient approach to implementing your company’s vacation and leave policy. Farsight’s leave management software automates the entire process for employees, managers, and HR with features like customized team calendars, remote access, a dynamic dashboard, automatic leave processing, intelligent connectors, and data-driven reporting.



1. Business-specific solutions are provided to meet the various needs of each business.

2. For small businesses, it is simple to use and highly adaptable.


1. There is no backend payroll outsourcing or compliance management.

2. Not ideal for businesses on a tight budget searching for payroll, attendance, and expenditure management software.


9)Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a leave management software that streamlines and automates enterprises’ leave recording processes. It provides employees with an easy-to-use interface for applying for leaves, viewing their leave balances, and checking approval statuses. Managers may quickly examine and approve leave requests, and HR departments benefit from streamlined attendance tracking and precise leave calculations. Pocket HRMS improves efficiency and decreases the administrative effort connected with leave management thanks to its user-friendly features.



1. A good alternative for businesses searching for a scalable one-stop solution.

2. Employees can benefit from unique features such as an AI-enabled Chatbox.



1. Leave management is not available in their standard plans

2. Not ideal for startups searching for a low-cost solution.



Peoples HR software provides effective absence management options. All employee absences will be stored in a secure location, allowing you to easily manage workers and handle problems. They have several connectors, insights into employee behavior and sick leave, and Bradford Factor scoring built in. It enables accurate absence tracking, automated management duties, and HR legislation compliance.



1. Peoples HR provides accurate and real-time tracking of employee leave balances.

2. Peoples HR can integrate with other HR systems and software, such as payroll and time and attendance systems.



1. Caters to the global market and hence may not be able to meet certain Indian-specific requirements.

2. They do not offer services related to tax and compliance management.



While there are numerous complete leave management systems on the market, it is critical for all businesses to determine exactly what they are looking for. Features like Leave request management, Accural tracking, employee self-service, Integration with payroll, etc. Selecting the right leave management solution can play an essential part.In helping by defining employee leave requirements, approve leave requests, and manage holidays in a way that aligns with your organization’s leave policies.