Labour Compliance Outsourcing that gives you the peace of mind

Quikchex is a Labour compliance outsourcing Company for monthly audit, license registration, returns filing, register maintenance and inspection management

Labour Compliance Outsourcing Companies in India
Labour Law Consultant India

Comprehensive Compliance Scope of Coverage

Ensuring coverage under the Shops and Establishment Act, POSH Act, Minimum Wage Act, Bonus and Gratuity Act

Register Maintenance and Returns Filing

Maintenance of muster, wage and other registers, as well handling of returns on a state level basis for all Pan India locations as your Labour Compliance Outsourcing Partner

Payroll Management Services for Companies in India
Labour Compliance Audit India

Compliance Audit and Advisory

Conducting monthly and quarterly audits at all Client locations to ensure compliance under various labour acts, while advising and executing remedies to any gaps in compliance as your Labour Law Consultant